Monday, December 16, 2019

THE PATH OF THE HEART and other questionable life choices...

Somebody's gotta do it...

The long dry summer finally gave way to winter rains. I am taking refuge in my tiny gypsy caravan.  It is perched on a ledge high above the vast Pacific Ocean. The wood stove is burning cheerily, making it warm and cozy. New paintings are taking shape on the easel. I have coffee, food, beer, firewood, and lots of art supplies. I feel wealthy. The highway is very quiet due to the rains and scattered rockslides and road closures. Peaceful, but not especially good for my bank balance as I sell much of my work to the visitors passing through.  I was warned about choosing this lifestyle. Didn't listen. Still don't. Romance of the artist's life and all that.  But I know I am not alone as I have other artist friends who have to pull some magic out of a hat to make it through the winter.  Somehow we survive to paint another day.
     When there is a break in the storms and the sun comes out I pack the French easel into my trusty van, "Pacifico" and head down to the cliffs to do some painting "en plein air".  On this particular morning, (see photo above) the world seemed washed clean by the recent rains and the sun felt especially good on my face.  I soaked up as much of it as I could for I know more rains are coming. The painting below is the result of that morning on the cliffs. 
A MORNING IN THE SUN by Barry Allen Howard
16"x20" oil on canvas
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  1. Wonderful story of a painter's life on the road.

    We are on th road in Portugal. Greetings from Olly & Jojy

  2. Beautiful. As a boat varnisher who depends on weather to be able to work, I understand the difficulties that winter can bring. But we do make it through -- here's to a mild one for you!

  3. I am hoping I'll eventually see a pic of your tiny caravan! I'm an elder gypsy, soon to be wandering with my handmade jewelry and odd bits. Your work is so mesmerizing! All the best in health and wonder! NAMASTE- Tina