Thursday, December 19, 2019


CHATEAU FIASCO. by Barry Allen Howard 
9”x12” oil on canvas. SOLD

For a long time I have wanted to begin a series of paintings of the historic Deetjens Big Sur Inn. My history with this unique inn goes back to the early 1980’s when I stopped in for breakfast on a road trip and ended up being hired on as a breakfast waiter. Deetjens is a place you have to experience to really understand. More than anywhere else it embodies the magic and mystique that is Big Sur. The guest cabin pictured below was staff housing when I worked there and after briefly living upstairs in  the restaurant in a tiny closet of a space known as the Piano Room, I moved into the Castro Canyon cabin painted below. I had a large piece of marble outside the cabin that I would chip away at when I wasn’t serving pancakes to the guests. These are the first two paintings of the Deetjens series. 

 CASTRO CANYON by Barry Allen Howard 
9”x12” oil on canvas

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