Saturday, June 22, 2019


FLYING DREAMS  by Barry Allen Howard.   Sold
I have been a busy fellow lately,  setting up my new website, dusting the cobwebs off of my blog and my Facebook page and getting back into the virtual world after a long hiatus. I have been living up on a ridge in Big Sur in my tiny gypsy caravan and painting a lot of new pieces. 

THE JEWEL BOX, my tiny home and art studio 
 As I now have internet that is more or less reliable I will be posting my newest Hot Off the Easel paintings as well as stories and updates on my tiny life in the gypsy caravan. 
You are invited to check out my new website here: 
where I will be posting my new work. If you would like my blog posts to come straight to you mailbox please subscribe. 
It was a wild winter up here on the ridge with lots of rain and high winds. As you can see in the picture I had to chain the caravan to the ground to keep it from blowing away. Summer has finally come and I haven’t had to fire up the wood stove for a while now. I am painting lots of new stuff and will be posting them regularly. Thank you for visiting my blog and my new website!