Sunday, February 18, 2018


                      MORNING GLORY by Barry Allen Howard  16"x20" oil on canvas  $320

     As I wrote in my previous post, I am taking a short break from working on the caravan to do some oil painting.  This weekend I completed MORNING GLORY.  I began this painting when I was in Bisbee before I came out here to the woods of northern Michigan.  I actually thought it was finished at the time, it's been on my wall for a while and, as is sometimes the case, as I looked at it over time, I realized it wasn't done at all.  So this was my first project getting back to the easel.  I gotta say, after such a long time away from brushes and paints I fell back in love with the process all over again.  
Working on this painting was a purely blissful experience!  While I painted, Jesse was out in the shop working on the third stained glass panel for the bay window of our gypsy caravan.  It's coming along nicely.  
     The painting is available and proceeds will go toward funding the completion of our caravan project.
Thank you for sharing the journey!  


  1. Dear Barry & Jesse - I love your recent blog post regarding the journey of the amazing caravan you are manifesting together and what beauty in your paintings - you continue to be an inspiration.
    I would love to commission a caravan when you are ready to take orders :))
    Brightest blessings - SunJay

  2. Barry, I tried the number I have for you,,,,,but its gone... call the capn.... would love to hear from you... see you have jessie at your side again....

    Fred and Marion... my number has not changed... email me at